Jane McQuitty

Sessional Instructor, Liberal Studies

Jane McQuitty is a sessional instructor with Alberta University of the Arts and a doctoral candidate with the Faculty of Environmental Design at University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


She also likes to think of herself as one of the suburban peoples of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


(Candidate) PhD Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary

MFA Studio (University of Calgary), Thesis Exhibition & Paper: Crystal Palace

BFA, Alberta College of Art + Design

BEd, University of Alberta, French as a Second Language, English Language Arts

Master of Arts, St Andrews University, Scotland, French and English Literature

Selected Professional Activity

“Wallpaper Theologians: Christopher Dresser, John Ruskin and the Dying Theology of Botanical Ornament.” Christopher Dresser Symposium—July 3rd 2015.  The Christopher Dresser Society/Teeside University/The Dorman Museum-Middlesbrough, England. July 3rd, 2015.

“The New Wild: Anthropocene Ecological Knowledge of the Suburban Peoples of Calgary, Alberta.”  11th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. Scandic Hotel, V ester Soegade 6, 1601 , Copenhagen, Denmark. January 21-23, 2015

“The New Wild.” School of Critical and Creative Studies. Faculty Research at Lunch Series. Alberta College of Art and Design. Room 255. Jan. 20, 2013.

Selected Publications

(In Press) “Feralness, a Sibling of Wilderness,” Environments: JAE Journal of Architectural Education, vol. 72, issue 2, 2018. “Conceptualizing Human Admiration for Nature in Human Impacted Environments.” The International Journal of Sustainability in Economic, Social and Cultural Context—Hybrid Open Access journal. On Sustainability Journal Collection, vol. 12, Issue 3, September 2016. DOI: https://doi.org/10.18848/2325-1115/CGP/v12i03 

“[Review] But is it Meme-ingful? Patricia Dawkins, The Mona Lisa Museum of Kitsch, Ledge Gallery, EPCOR  Centre for the Performing Arts, December 11, 2014—February 26, 2015.” ACADFA Newsletter. Ed. John Calvelli. (Spring 2015): n.p. Print.

“[Review] Art of the Book 2013,  Endeavour Art Gallery and Event Space, July 12-25, 2013, 1209 1st Street SW, Calgary, Alberta.” Book arts/arts du livre Canada. 4.2 (2013) 11-16. Print.

“[Review] Critically Framing Kim Neudorf: A Start.” with Accompanying Portfolio by 2011 RBC Painting Competition Semi-finalist Kim Neudorf.  Eds. Paul Lisson and Fiona Kinsella. Hamilton Arts and Letters. 4.2 (Fall/Winter 2011) n.p. Web.

“[Review] Fellow Pilgrim: Cecilia Gossen’s I Pilgrim, February 4-26, 2011, Burns Visual Art Society, Artpoint Gallery, 1139 11th Street SE Calgary.” ACADFA Newsletter.  Ed. Dick Averns. (Winter 2011): n.p. Print.

“[Review] Leslie Bell, Light Matter Research, January 14—February 4, 2011, Mainspace Gallery, Untitled Art Society, 325 10 Ave SW Calgary.” Untitled Art Society Online Archives. February 4, 2011. Web.

“[Review] Reflections on Ozmandias at the Mildred Lake Upgrader: Marnie Blair, MFA Thesis Exhibition, August 8—September 13, 2008, Nickle  Arts Museum, 2500 University Dr. NW Calgary.” In Averns, Dick et.al.  Postscript=Post-scriptum.  Trans. Natasha Styles. Ed. RICHard SMOLinski. Calgary: Roof Imagists Canada, 2009. Print

Selected Awards

Graduate Student Support Funding,  Student Awards Committee, EVDS, University of Calgary, 2015

EVDS Entrance Scholarship, EVDS, University of Calgary, 2015

Visual Arts Project Grant, Government of Alberta, 2008