Jewellery and Metals

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Fine Arts


Jewellery and Metals

Jewellery and Metals offers a multidisciplinary degree that balances creative problem solving, technical proficiency and entrepreneurship skills with context, currency, history, and criticality. You will hone your design and drawing abilities and your critical and research skills as you learn gemstone setting, casting, chasing, tool making, molding, anodizing and learn techniques for one of-a-kind production work. 

Jewellery and Metals Minor

The Jewellery and Metals Minor delivers a foundational skill set in the medium through the exploration of fabrication, casting and surface treatment. Additional courses from the Object Design and Fabrication Minor and Craft History and Theory round out the Minor’s offerings. Students pursuing this Minor will learn to work with diverse materials, making connections between the disciplines of art, craft, and design.

Popular Courses

  • JWLM 205 Jewellery and Metals
  • JWLM 321 Mechanisms
  • JWLM 410 Advanced Studio I
  • JWLM 451 Advanced Studio Seminar

Careers Include:

  • Jeweller
  • Accessory designer
  • Metalsmith
  • Jewellery purchaser
  • Stylist
  • Arts administrator
  • Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Curator

Studio Facilities

High-quality studio facilities provide Jewellery + Metals students with the full spectrum of practice, from industrial jewellery to conceptual art.

  • Laser welder, PUK II fusion welder
  • Aluminum anodizing system and reactive metals anodizing
  • Casting facilities, centrifugal, vacuum, sand casting
  • Stone setting microscope
  • Makerbots and access to wax carver for digital production
  • Full gemmology equipment and instruments
  • Enamelling and PMC programmable kilns
  • Small object photography systems
  • Individual studio benches for third- and fourth-year students


Full-time Faculty


Notable Alumni