Bachelor of Fine Arts


Sculpture majors will be able to employ a range of critical and contextual perspectives to initiate and complete a personal self-directed body of work and identify and comprehend the histories, theories and practices that comprise the discipline of sculpture. In doing so, sculpture students explore artistic practices ranging from traditional figure modeling to contemporary installation and performance art, kinetic and interactive objects, and digital media.

Popular Courses 

  • SCLP 211 Materials and Processes
  • SCLP 310 Intermediate Sculpture
  • SCLP 316 Performance and Installation
  • SCLP 320 Intermediate Sculpture

Careers Include:

  • Furniture designer
  • Sculptor
  • 3D prop designer
  • Custom manufacturer
  • Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Curator

Studio Facilities

Sculpture majors have access to a variety of facilities both within and outside the sculpture studios to support their research and processes.

  • Full-service welding facility including MIG and TIG  
  • Plasma and oxyacetylene cutting
  • Metal shaping, bending, and forming tools
  • Wet-media casting facility
  • Bronze-casting facility
  • Wax working station
  • Gallery space for student projects and exhibitions
  • Individual studio space for third- and fourth-year students


Full-time Faculty


Alumni become professional sculptors exhibiting in museums and commercial galleries or undertaking public art projects, work as fabricators or curators, or go on to complete graduate degrees. Others adapt their knowledge and experience to careers in almost every profession.

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