Media Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Media Arts

Media Arts students explore expression through devices and technologies such as  sensors, circuits, mechanical devices, video, film, sound, performance art, and multimedia.  As you learn to use these technologies in the service of your developing artistic vision, you can choose to focus on time-based art or on interactivity.

Media Arts Minor

The Minor in Media Arts allows students to augment their developing practices with the technical, methodological, theoretical, and critical conceptual rigor of the Media Arts program. Students are able to choose from an assortment of pathways or mix and match their courses in a way that best supports their particular trajectories.

Object Design and Fabrication Minor

The Object Design and Fabrication Minor goes beyond delivering proficiencies in digital fabrication technologies. In addition to the core OBDF courses, electives have been selected for this Minor from programs throughout AUArts. These electives deepen student learning with respect to Object Design and Fabrication History, Theory and Context, Invention Literacy and Fabrication Methodologies.

Careers Include:

  • Performance installation artist
  • Video producer
  • Experience designer
  • Multimedia artist
  • Product designer
  • Industrial designer
  • Arts administrator
  • Educator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Curator

Popular Courses

  • MADT 202 Practices in Video and Audio
  • MADT 301 Personal Practice in Media Arts
  • MADT 401 Advanced Practice in Media Arts
  • MADT 411 Theoretical Discourses in Practice
  • OBDF 310 Algorithmic And Parametric Object Design

Studio Facilities

The Media Arts studio facilities are set up as a research and creative production environment, promoting both a vibrancy and variety of critical thinking and making.

  • Studios include installation and projection spaces, gallery and screening rooms, and multi-purpose spaces
  • Media production studios including one large studio with green screen, tracking dolly, jib, lighting kits, 5.1 audio, projection screen, and one smaller studio with edit suites and 5.1 audio recording studio
  • Electronics lab with soldering stations, lathe, sensor and circuit production materials, and dedicated computers for Arduino programming
  • Two computer labs with fully equipped mac and pc production computers
  • Production workshop space
  • Individual studio spaces for third and fourth year students 
  • Object Design spaces feature a laser cutter, 3D printers, CNC machine


AUArts Media Arts + Digital Technologies alumni have gone on to successful careers as independent artists, curators, graduate students, video producers, new media designers, visualization artists, interactive artists, senior app designers, production artists, IT/audio visual specialists, multimedia artists, senior photographers, UX designers and more.

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