Cathy Simone

Sessional Instructor, Photography

“Personality can be editorialized within a still image. Character, more difficult to render. Emotion is by far the most challenging to portray for it cannot be replicated with any medium except memory, and the unity of self, sense and spirit.”


Cathy Simone is a Photographic Illustrator and Photoshop Artist born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. A traditional education of film and darkroom developed an appreciation of light and shadow, diligence and patience of practice, and respect for the art of photography. 17 years of experience in a commercial studio has presented the opportunity to work with brilliant creatives- the past decade being dedicated to mastering the power of Photoshop. Cathy collaborates with photographers, designers, and artists who have passion for photography and process. As an educator, she welcomes sharing expertise, knowledge, creativity and craftsmanship with student, colleague and the photographic community.

Simone’s equine photography celebrates the essence of the horse and the spirit within. Through beauty, movement and form in unconditional freedom, Simone visually expresses and creatively explores quintessential nature to engage audience and evoke emotional response. Photographed in natural light and organic environment, Simone’s ambition is to capture spirit within lens, incorporate the tangible aesthetic of film within digital photography, and provide insight into these majestic beings and their fantastic attributes of character.


Diploma, Photography, Alberta College of Art.

Selected Professional Activity

UnbridledLougheed House Gallery, Solo Exhibition + Artist talk, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, January to March 2014.

Transition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Faculty Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, November 2012.

Taos, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Faculty Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 2012.

Tribute, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Faculty Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, March 2011.

Traditional Practice, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Faculty Exhibition, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, April 2010.

Selected Publications

Unbridled- Process & Passion, The Camera Store, February, 2014.

Darkroom to Digital, Digital Photo Expo, September, 2011.

Selected Awards

Faculty Professional Affairs Committee, Alberta College of Art + Design, May 2012.

Luerzer’s Int’l Archive Magazine Volume 6/0745: Photographic Illustration - 2009, Photographer: Jason Stang. Creative Directors: Brad Connell, Kelsey Horne, Mike Meadus, Social & Environment - Alberta Government Healthy U; MacLaren McCann.

Applied Arts Magazine 2007: Photographic Illustration. Photographer: Jason Stang

Best Conceptual Photography - GM Snowman; MacLaren McCann

Best Advertising Photography (series) - Mercato Italian Market; Wax

Best Corporate Photography (series) - Avac Annual Report; Brown Communications

Ad Rodeo Anvil Awards 2007: Photographic Illustration. Photographer: Jason Stang

Anvil: Best Photography - Heavy Machines for Imperial Oil; MacLaren McCann

Illingworth Kerr Travel/Study Scholarship, Alberta College of Art: April 1992.