Bachelor of Fine Arts

Masters of Fine Arts


AUArts Fibre students enjoy a diverse, flexible program, well-equipped studios, and guidance from faculty who are passionate about contemporary Fibre.

Studio facilities

  • Silk-screen printing (seven large, four-yard-capacity printing tables)
  • Natural dyes (large dye studio with induction ranges and two indigo vats)
  • Hand and computer assisted weaving (38 floor and table looms, including a Jacquard and 16-harness AVL Dobby)
  • Papermaking (hollander/hydropulper)
  • Mixed media studios
  • Individual studio spaces for third and fourth year BFA and MFA students

Access to all fibre studios*
Seven days a week | 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.

*Jacquard Loom, Papermaking Equipment, Sewing Machine require training and/or pre-booking for access

Educational Art Technician

Jolie Bird - 403.338.5584


AUArts’ Fibre Program faculty are leaders in contemporary fibre practice and experts across a variety of media including surface design, mixed media, weaving, and book arts. All Fibre faculty maintain an active studio practice, participating in both Canadian and international exhibitions and contributing articles to professional journals.

Permanent faculty

Sessional instructors

Educational Art Technician


AUArts Fibre alumni have gone on to become practicing artists, entrepreneurs, curators and educators. See what some of our successful alumni are up to.

Madison Potter
"The Fibre department at AUArts has always felt like a tight knit community. The instructors have pushed me to look further into material and process in order to develop my ideas into resolved projects by offering invaluable knowledge. Fibre is a specialization that can be applied to so many areas and I know I will carry the skills that I have learned into many aspects of my life." - Madison Potter, 4th year Fibre student

Jolie Bird -  Artist in the travelling exhibition In the making curated for the IKG by Diana Sherlock.

Lindsay Joy - recently completed an MFA in Winnipeg and is a practicing artist.

Natalie Gerber - one of the cofounders of the New Craft Coalition in Calgary, an amazing cooperative responsible for a twice-yearly show and exhibition at Festival Hall in Inglewood.

Shannon Stratton - recently appointed curator at MAD in New York.

Amalie Atkins - work includes filmmaking, fabric-based sculpture, and performance

Natalie Lauchlan - emerging artist who graduated from AUArts in 2014

Stephanie Wong

Janice Yan-Yan Wu - creates whimsical one of a kind hot water bottle covers

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