Alumni resources & benefits

Find out more about the alumni benefits, services and resources that can help you succeed at work and life. Check back for updates!

Alumni savings & access

As a member of our alumni family, AUArts is proud to provide you with exclusive access and discounts.

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Career and Professional Resources

AUArts is here to support you in your career. Check out the professional development resources and use these creative career focused job boards and artist call listings to find new opportunities.

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Find non-profit and artist-run centres

Need some inspiration or a little creative community? Connect with artists and designers doing big things.

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Request a replacement credential or transcript

The awarding of a credential is noted on the academic transcript and is evidenced, publicly, by the University parchment. The original parchment is provided during the Convocation Ceremony or mailed to the graduate after the Ceremony in May. Additional copies and replacement parchments are available upon request by the individual named on the credential by using this form. A fee will apply.

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