Accessibility and accommodation services

AUArts aims to work collaboratively and innovatively with the campus community to create an accessible, equitable, and supportive learning environment for all students. Our Student Services office is open to both current and future students, and all students are encouraged to register early.

Academic Accommodations

Student Services provides support for students with permanent injury, illness or disabilities in the form of Academic Accommodations – essentially modifications to course expectations while maintaining the academic integrity of the course.  Academic Accommodations are based on a demonstrated need and require medical or other professional documentation to support the request.  Students are required to register with Student Services at to request and receive Academic Accommodations prior to each academic term. 

AUArts Student Services has basic and enhanced accommodations available:

Basic Accommodations

Enhanced Accommodations (subject to funding)

Adjustments to class attendance expectations

Sign Language Interpreter

Extensions on deadlines for projects, assignments

CART Services

Provision of distraction free space for exams

Learning Strategist

Extended time for tests and examinations

Private Tutor

Use of specialized computer software

Earplugs, or noise cancelling headphones

Deferred exams

Specialized Equipment

Policy & Procedures

Short-term Accommodations

Students with short-term, health-related difficulties (greater than two weeks, less than three months), who are not classified as having a permanent disability, will be provided appropriate assistance based on a referral and recommendations from a specialist, caregiver and/or AUArts counselling services.

Alberta Student Aid

Students with physical or learning disabilities are advised to apply for Alberta Student Aid (or similar Provincial or State Financial Aid programs).  Alberta Student Aid recipients may also be eligible for grant funding to support enhanced accommodation services.


AUArts is wheelchair accessible. During COVID19, AUArts encourages all students with mobility concerns to contact Student Services at, before visiting the campus due to access restrictions.

Contact Us

During the COVID19 pandemic, students are encouraged to contact Student Services by email or on video conferencing with Microsoft Teams.