Animation Minor

The Animation Minor focuses on facilitating the development of original creators in the conceptualization and creation of digital and analog forms of expression in graphically created motion art works, be it an animated short, transmedia exploration, spreadable media, narrative sequential art, gallery installation, or one of the many other applications of motion art.  

Careers Include:

  • Digital animator
  • Stop motion animator
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Stage manager


  • ANIM 200 Animation Foundation
  • ANIM 201 Character Animation
  • ANIM 220 Introduction to Storyboards (NEW)
  • ANIM 300 Animation Development
  • ANIM 320 Storytelling
  • VSCM 432 Animation Portfolio

Studio Facilities

  • Toonboom Harmony Pro 22, Storyboard Pro 22
  • Dragon Frame with several camera set-ups
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Audacity


Full-time Faculty