AUArts Micro-credentials launch Summer 2022

Stand out from the crowd. Learn sought-after, career defining skills in ten weeks. AUArts Micro-credentials are a flexible, affordable way to learn practical real-world skills and amplify your career.

What are Micro-Credentials?

Micro-credentials are short, focused courses that allow you to master high-demand skills and industry standard competencies with a flexible learning path. Earning an AUArts micro-credential shows employers you’re dedicated to professional growth, enhancing your employability, and keeping you relevant in todays competitive job market. Up-skill, re-skill, and stay-skilled to rise above the rest.

  • Focus on specialized, competency-based learning and assessment that aligns with industry standard skills. Gain cutting edge skills that put you at the forefront of your industry.
  • Life can get hectic. Micro-credentials are a flexible, affordable, and convenient learning alternative. Save time and money while pushing your career forward… guilt free.
  • Earn and market your skills as you grow. Share what you’ve learned with peers, employers, and more, as you go.
  • Self paced & learner driven. Find your own rhythm and speed to complete these courses over the course of the 10-week. 

Achieve a digital badge upon completion and stack badges to earn higher credentials in your field. Choose your own destiny by customizing a learning pathway that fits your career needs.

What is a Digital Badge?

Digital badges are electronic images containing secure, encrypted metadata, verifying your ability to demonstrate industry skills. Share on LinkedIn and Facebook, attach to your resume, or add to your website. Get the shine you deserve while sharing your commitment to growth.