Continuing education

Mark Vazquez-Mackay

Visual artist, educator, and cultural worker


Mark Vazquez-Mackay graduated with a BFA Degree in Painting from AUArts in 2002. Since then, Mark has moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, in search of a different culture and history. After completing his MFA Degree at the Instituto Allende, Mark returned to Calgary in 2004 to continue painting and drawing in his own studio.

Mark’s studio practice is highly exploratory. At times, he is driven by material experimentation, other times he is driven by conceptual research and questioning. The direction of his work is always informed by the context he is living and what is influencing his ideas.

As an educator, Mark has worked with a diversity of populations from post-secondary students, to therapy patients, to marginalized peoples. His broad experience has helped develop him into a well rounded educator who is able to work with all people in sharing his love for art.

Currently much of Mark’s time is spent mentoring practicing artist from around the world.

A large part of Mark’s practice is spent developing the creative community. Whether he is leading community mural projects, giving lectures, leading groups of learners on art retreats, or contributing to non-profit art organizations, Mark believes in giving back to the community to help it grow and share his vast knowledge.

Mark's Courses

Painting and Drawing

Classical Drawing Techniques | Figure Drawing | Oil Painting Basics | Portfolio Prep | Introduction to Drawing Micro-Credential

With extensive experience as an educator, both in his own studio, and with Continuing Education. Mark's courses explore a range of techniques and approaches to painting and drawing. He uses his experience as a visual artist to teach students to create art with a focus on perspective and proportion. 

His courses are perfect for all skill levels!