Continuing education

Haley Eyre

Multidisciplinary artist, maker, photographer, and instructor

photo of instructor, Haley Eyre, with yellow background

Haley Eyre is a Calgary-based multidisciplinary artist & maker working primarily in photography and 2D & 3D collage.

She received her Bachelor of Design majoring in Photography from the Alberta University of the Arts (2019).

Haley’s work has been exhibited in numerous local galleries including the Christine Klassen Gallery, the Herringer Kiss Gallery, the Illingworth Kerr Gallery, and the Creig Gallery. In 2019, her work was featured in the Canadian photographic magazine PhotoEd. 

 Alongside her photography, Haley runs a self-published magazine titled UNABASHED. 

Haley's Courses


Digital Photography Basics | Portrait Photography

Discover how to work your digital camera so you can get out of auto mode and take your picture taking skills to the next level.

Learn basic camera operations and how to use your camera's settings, including exposure, aperture, and shutter speed, while you experiment with composition, lighting, and different lens to see how they affect your images.

Work through shooting images, file conversion, and digital image management under the guidance of your instructor and get good feedback throughout the course.   

  • Understanding all the functions of a DSLR (or mirrorless) camera and how to apply them to create thoughtful images. 
  • To learn about exposure, composition, lighting, and lenses, and how these can affect your image. 
  • To learn file conversion and digital image management. 
  • Experience constructive feedback of your images through group critiques.