Alberta's Post Secondary Learning Act establishes the Board’s membership, which consists of a Chair selected from among the Public members, members from the external community (known as External or Public Members), members of the academic staff (nominated by GFC and AUArts FA respectively), members of the student body (nominated by the AUArts SA) and a member of the non-academic staff union (nominated by AUPE). AUArts elected and appointed members are known as Internal Members of the Board of Governors.

  • External Governor - Vacant

Current Alberta University of the Arts Board of Governors

Carol Ryder

Board Chair & External Governor

Patti Dibski

Vice-Chair & External Governor

Sara Anhorn

External Governor

Morgan Calenso

Student Representative

Chris Cran

External Governor

Dr. Daniel Doz

Ex-Officio & President and CEO

John Gaucher

General Faculties Council Representative

Tom Graham

External Governor

Chi Iliya-Ndule

External Governor

Evan Legate

External Governor

Cassandra Paul

Staff Representative and Internal Governor

Adrian Stimson

External Governor

Sheila Taylor

External Governor

Justin Waddell

Faculty Association Representative and Internal Governor