Board of Governors Alumni Awards of Excellence

Each year, AUArts' Board of Governors chooses a distinguished alumni to receive their Award of Excellence. 

Past recipients of the award include members of the international art and design community who have made a significant contribution to the arts community and have demonstrated excellence in their field of practice. 

Past Board of Governors Alumni Award of Excellence Winners  
Luann Baker-Johnson 2018
Rodney Sayers 2017
Ryan Sluggett 2016
Anthea Black 2015
Jeff de Boer 2014
Ron Moppett  2013
Shannon Stratton 2013
Leslie Manning  2012
Norman Faulkner  2011
Alex Janvier 2011
Chris Cran 2011
Amy Gogarty  2010
Margaret Van Rosendaal  2009
Christian Eckart 2008
Kimberly Biggs 2008
Joane Cardinal-Schubert (deceased) 2006
Nelson Henricks 2005
Douglas Fraser 2004