Update: AUArts COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,  
AUArts has new COVID-19 health and safety measures effective March 1, 2022, in response to new directives from the Ministry of Advanced Education and the Alberta government’s public health measures announced on February 8, 2022.
Please note: 
Proof of Vaccination No Longer Required Starting March 1, 2022 
Effective March 1, proof of vaccination will not be required to enroll in future semesters, or for continued employment. While this reflects government direction, Dr Hinshaw has widely shared that a third vaccine dose is highly recommended as the best protection from COVID-19. Echoing this recommendation, we strongly encourage everyone in the AUArts community to get their booster as soon as possible.  
The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will be repealed on March 1, 2022. The pandemic continues to be dynamic and AUArts may introduce measures to ensure the health and safety of our community should Government of Alberta directives change. Vaccination records on file will be securely destroyed in accordance with retention and disposition schedules. 
Masking Requirement Until May 1, 2022 
Students that enrolled in the Winter semester did so knowing that face masking was a requirement. To respect this, we will keep our AUArts Face Mask Protocol until May 1. Masks are mandatory in all common areas, classrooms, and group/shared offices, with faculty wearing masks at all times while teaching.   
Building Access Remains Closed to Public   
Regular campus access via card key access remains in place for students, faculty, and staff. Public access remains closed until further notice.  
Daily Health Assessment Requirement 
Mandatory daily health assessments on the AUArts Safe App remain a requirement until further notice.  
Feeling Unwell? 
If you are feeling unwell, employees please follow the Control Process Map. Employees should contact if they require any specific guidance about their personal situation, and students should review the Short Term Accommodations – Protocol for Students and if needed submit an Excused Absence and Request Declaration Form. Managing absences as a result of short-term illness is between the student and the instructor.  
Mandatory Work from Home Lifted 
Mandatory work-from-home requirements were lifted by the government. Staff should assume any previously approved Transitional Remote Work Guidelines remain in place.  
We are a Community of Respect 
I look forward to all classes returning on campus on February 28. However, this is a transitional time for all of us. I urge everyone to use utmost respect for those around them. Be courteous to those whose personal circumstances and comfort may not match your own.  
You are encouraged to use the support resources available, employees through Homewood Health and students through Counselling & Wellness  and the extended health benefit plan administered by the AUArts Students’ Association.  
As indicated by the Alberta government, public health measures may change based on shifts in hospitalization rates. If we have any news, we will share it immediately. Otherwise, please assume the measures as outlined in this email. The health and safety of our community is our number one priority. Thank you for your efforts to support this.  
Dr. Daniel Doz
President and CEO