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Wanted to go to art school to meet my people. Then I met my people.

Meet our alumni and learn how their studies at AUArts have influenced their career paths and how they are helping shape the world of art, craft and design. AUArts Alumni Video Stories is a new video series sharing life after university.

The WKNDRS are artistic duo and Alum Claire Ouchi and Rachel Rivera, BDes '08, Visual Communication Design. They've been working together since 2008 on creative projects specializing in art and design focused goods, accessories and homeware for state of mind livin'.

Discover more about this dynamic duo, where they are now and tips on being successful.

Photo & Video:
Uptown Mall - Ground Mural & Skating Rink, PARK
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer - ETW Media Productions




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In 2026 Alberta University of the Arts will celebrate 100 years as an art institution.