Awards and scholarships

Funding your university education 

University education is an investment in your future. AUArts expects that all students plan and budget for University expenses (tuition, fees, supplies, living expenses etc.) using available resources including personal savings, family, and student loan programs as needed. Awards and bursaries can supplement existing resources for eligible and qualified students and provide recognition for academic and creative achievement before and during the degree program. Students are advised to consider local, regional and national awards programs in addition to student loan programs to support the full cost of University education. 

AUArts connects students with over $200,000 in scholarships, awards, fellowships and prizes (collectively Awards) and bursaries each year, in addition to providing access to community and government award opportunities.   

Scholarships, awards and prizes typically focus on academic achievement. Bursaries typically focus on financial need and require a Financial Needs Assessment. Some Awards and Bursaries require a portfolio submission, an Artist Statement and/or a Statement of Merit. 

Entrance Scholarships   

Our entrance scholarships are designed to recognize those with high academic achievement and creative potential. Entrance scholarships are offered as tuition credit towards student tuition and fees. 

Applicants to AUArts that submit a completed application (online application, portfolio, interim transcripts, and proof of English language proficiency if applicable) by the priority application deadline of February 1st are automatically considered for entrance scholarships. Entrance scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic achievement and/or the calibre of the portfolio. Separate applications for entrance scholarships are not typically required. 

AUArts offers entrance scholarships specific to Canadian citizens/permanent residents, Indigenous, and international students. 

Awards for Continuing Students 

Awards for AUArts undergraduate students in-program (continuing students) relate to academic achievement, leadership or community engagement and creative achievement (depending on the specific award). Awards are either automatic (based on Grade Point Average or GPA) or competitive (requiring an application). While many Awards & Bursaries are open to all undergraduate students, others focus on specific programs or majors, domestic, international and/or Indigenous students. Awards for continuing students are typically offered as tuition credit towards student tuition and fees. 

Awards are advertised annually in the Winter Term, with applications typically due in May. Detailed information on available awards is posted on the Student Success Centre. New awards are advertised in the Friday Flyer and on the Student Success Centre. 


Bursaries (Need-based funding) 

Bursaries are designed to support students with demonstrated financial need, and typically require students to be qualified for provincial, state or national student loans. Some bursaries include portfolio submission requirements in addition to a Statement of Financial Need. Available bursaries are advertised to new and continuing students at AUArts in the Winter Term, with applications due in May.  

Emergency bursaries may be available for students with unexpected needs, as advertised by email, in the Friday Flyer and on the Student Success Centre. Bursaries may be offered as tuition credit towards tuition and fees or paid directly to the student as per the specific requirements of the bursary. 


Donor Funded Awards & Bursaries 

AUArts is grateful to the generous donors who support students through awards and bursaries throughout their programs. In addition to Awards and Bursaries funded through the University, donor funded awards are listed here. Applications for donor-funded entrance awards are not required.

The application process and requirements for donor-funded awards (and all other awards and bursaries) for continuing students are outlined on the Student Success Centre

Full list of donor funded awards


Available to students entering AUArts for the first time - these awards are applied as tuition credit.

Entrance awards

External awards

Students are encouraged to explore other sources of funding to cover their expenses while attending AUArts. Check out the links to learn about award opportunities outside the university.

External awards


All MFA in Craft Media applicants will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships, based on the merit of their applications. You do not need to apply for these awards.

MFA awards and scholarships