Board of governors

Portia Scabar

Student Representative

Portia Scabar, Student Representative, is the President of the AUArts Students’ Association in her second term.

This is her first term as a member of the Board of Governors at the Alberta University of the Arts. She has worked with the AUArts Students’ Association since 2019 and has been the Secretary for the AUArts Glass Club for the past two years. Portia is passionate about advocating for the rights of students across the province and building opportunities for students to access resources. She is in her fifth year at AUArts and is a prospective graduate of the Class of 2023 from the Glass Department. As an interdisciplinary artist her work spans many mediums but specifically looks at concepts surrounding rhizomatic communities, interconnection, and perceptions.

Portia has been a recipient of many Awards and Scholarships throughout her education; she was awarded the 2022 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Scholarship in Visual Arts at the start of her final year of her bachelor’s degree. She is dedicated building community through art and communication.