Melanie McEwing

Grade 12 at Strathmore High School | Strathmore, Alberta

Donut vase


Melanie's Donut Vase

My inspiration for the Scandinavian donut vase was to connect to my heritage. My great-great-grandparents moved here from Sweden for the land available in Alberta in the early 20th century. My great-grandma (Irene Sanden) was the first generation of our family to grow up in Canada, Irene spent most of her life on the farm. She and her husband made a life thereafter the farm was passed down. Unfortunately, after a terrible accident, my great grandfather died leaving the farm in the hands of their eldest son. Irene moved into town in the 70s and filled her life with travel and art. She took up skills she had never had done before and started pottery. She was the one that inspired me to learn the art. Now that she is no longer with me I have the joy of using all of her inherited tools and notes. It makes me feel closer to her in a way, which is why I have created this piece for her.