Irem Gumustas

Grade 10 at Nelson Mandela High School | Calgary, Alberta

Ceramic cake


Ceramic Cake

For my cake, the Idea was to create ceramic food real enough to fool people. 

I didn't want to simply trick people but also amaze them which is why I also made a slice and added such intricate details, including the pearls and butterflies. I used a bunch of reference pictures from Pinterest and ended up combining a couple of ideas in my own way to recreate them. I printed out the butterflies and glued them front to back first before adding them to my cake, in order to give them a clean effect from all angles. Also, creating frosting out of clay was pretty hard, in fact I had to change my texture while it was drying because my first attempt at it wasn't fulfilling my expectations. So, I ended up carving out the lines with my fingers instead. As for the cake texture inside, I was scribbling with a sharp tool to give it that grainy dough texture. After, when I started painting my work, I could really see my cake come to life and even the frosting I was struggling with looked pretty real. Overall I'd say my cake required a lot of creativity to build and great effort in order to achieve this final product.