Faculty Communication Design

Jackie Bagley

Sessional Instructor, Visual Communications

Jackie Bagley is an award-winning Designer for Film and Television, and a Corporate Agency Designer. For the past two decades she's worked on full run Film and Television Productions for the likes of Dreamworks (Spielberg), Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, Ridley Scott, MTV, Plan B Entertainment (Brad Pitt), FX, Discovery Channel, CBS, Lifetime Television, the Cohen Brothers and more. These productions include three multi-Emmy Award-winning productions, and another Emmy nominated one.


More notably, she finished the first two seasons of the Television Series “Fargo”, winner of over 160 Award Nominations, 36 Emmy Nominations, with five Emmy wins and a number of Golden Globe Awards: designing graphics, props and set design concepts for the show. 

She has been nominated three times for “Contribution to Excellence in Production Design”, by the Art Directors Guild Awards (ADG) out of Hollywood, for her work.

As a Production Designer for Film she received a Golden Sheath award for Excellence in Production Design (this film was featured at the MOMA in NY), and an AMPIA nomination. 

As well as working in the film industry, her background includes working as a Graphic Designer for one of Western Canada’s largest advertising and design agencies and working for an International Advertising Agency on contract (Ogilvy & Mather). 

Complimenting this work, she works as a sculptor and photographer in her studio practice, creating conceptual and figurative work, video short documentary, and large-scale photo-based work, with gallery representation.